A Curling clinic is a great way to get your first exposure to the sport.

Our club offers beginners clinics several times throughout the season. We are also glad to schedule private clinics for corporate, school, non-profit, or family groups.

We have even hosted free clinics for Indianapolis Public School children in conjunction with Indy Parks.

The clinics include:

30 minute video presentation and rules instruction

1.5 to 2 hours of ice time 

you'll learn how to deliver the stone, how to sweep, and basic strategy

plus, you'll play a 2 or 3 end game (as many as time allows)

Learn To Curl Clinics

 Space is limited for these clinics (32 participants max).  Sign up now and reserve your spot.  Cost per person is $30.

Clinic Dates

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our 2015 clinics. We will resume our clinics in the fall. Please check back as we will have new dates around September 2015!

  • January 24 7:20 to 9:50 PM (Completed)
  • January 31 6 PM to 8:30 PM (Completed)
  • February 14 6:50 PM to 9:20 PM (Completed)
  • February 28 7:35 PM to 10:05 PM (Completed)
  • March 14 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Completed)
  • March 21 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Completed)

To attend a clinic, you must pay via the web site in advance! Please indicate your date/time preference and the number of people attending.

If you have questions please email

Register Now. Pay Online!

Number of people
Preferred dates


Private Clinics

Private clinics are a great team-building activity for businesses and social organizations. They include the same instruction as an open Learn to Curl clinic and 2 hours of ice time.

The fee for a private clinic is $1100 with a maximum of 32 participants.

To inquire about scheduling a private clinic, please send email to

Register Now. Pay Online! 



Dress warmly; be ready to move and stretch!

The temperature on the curling ice is much cooler than the average room temperature -- typically between 35 - 45 degrees Fahrenheit -- and due to the cooler temperatures, it is advisable to bring a sweater and gloves for the time you are on the ice. Loose fitting clothing is best for curling because there is a good deal of stretching and bending involved. For secure footing on the ice, bring shoes with rubber soles, such as walking or running shoes. Please carry your "on-ice curling" shoes into the rink to avoid bringing debris onto the ice.

Do I need bring my own broom?

Short answer. No. Circle City Curling Club provides half foot sliders, curling brooms, delivery stabilizers and, of course, curling stones and the ice. Just bring yourself.